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Father-Daughter Relationship in Dating

father daugher relationship Father Daughter Relationship in DatingWe often visualize our parents to be the queen and kings of our lives that we would want to meet someone like them when we grow up. They tend to be our standard in finding that match for us because we treat them to be the best parents in the world. This might be the case for some of the children maybe because they see some flaws with their own parents that they would not want their future husbands and wives to have. In this article, we shall focus on the father-daughter relationship affecting dating girls.


Father-daughter relationships are often misguided by incest incidents that people cannot see the good relationships that it can also lead for most of the families in the present and past. Because of this relationship, dating girls tend to visualize their future husbands to be like their fathers who can protect them and be their knight in shinning armor. This thinking can cause good things and bad things for these dating girls. A bad thing is that they might get hurt along the process of dating where they are expecting to much to their dates that if they do not get what they want, they will be disappointed. These dating girls are some what spoiled by their dads that they would want to get everything they want. And that is not good for a young girl growing up.


Fathers should therefore know what to do. A good way to do that is to initiate a good conversation with them for them to air what is on their mind and on how they feel. Make them realize that there will be no person like their own fathers that they should not make them a standard in finding that perfect one for them. Expecting too much on someone may lead to feelings getting hurt and they would not want that to happen.


Lastly, fathers or parents in general should not be too protective of their babies, let them explore the world on their own for them to learn how to be independent. Let them date, fall in love, get hurt and learn from it, but the guidance and advices should always be there.

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